Peblo’s Pixel Paradise

Meet the Heroes!


Edna has lived on Traeth Island for the majority of her life with her husband Edgar. As her husband spent lots of time coming up with inventions in their garage. Edna spent most of her time cleaning around the house and looking after her grandchild Elvis. The reason why Elvis lives with his grandparents is because his parents never returned after going adventuring 4 years ago. 

Elvis spent a lot of time with his grandad “Edgar” helping and watching him build his contraptions, until he passed away three years before Peblo’s Pixel Paradise from a heart attack. Edgar left a shell of a robot which would allow Edna to transfer her consciousness to look after Elvis if she passed away, which happened two years later due to her age. Edna lives in an isolated house on the island on top of a hill surrounded in forestland.


Born in Wales, Abbey moved at a young age with her family to Docktown, an Island in the Cutlass Cluster, a group of islands that acted as a hotspot for pirates long ago. These days, it acts as a tourist attraction as it maintains its pirate era aesthetics. At the age of 15, she met Captain Benedict Harrington and his mercenary crew, and joined them on their ship, the Valkyrie’s Breeze. Harrington taught Abbey everything he knew, acting like a second father to her. When Abbey was 16, Harrington was killed in an attack, and passed the role of captain, and his hat, to her.

At the start of Peblo’s Pixel Paradise, Abbey and her crew are on their way to Traeth Island for a well deserved holiday, but Peblo’s distortion of the island made the waves too aggressive, throwing Abbey overboard. Waking up on one of Traeth Island’s beaches, she plans to find the source of the distortion and put an end to it to save her crew.


Before Peblo’s Pixel Paradise, TreeMan was just like any other tree; no emotion, standing still. Throughout the years, lumberjacks and townsfolk would chop many trees down in Stricky Woods for homes, fires, camping and many other uses. All the trees surrounding TreeMan had gone, he began to gain emotions and a face. His roots lifting from the ground, he pulled himself out and stood tall, gaining a personality. He looked around his forest, seeing very little trees compared to usual.

TreeMan spends days, weeks, if not– months looking for his place of birth and a reason in life. He had not known the reason as to why he was given life. One particular day, TreeMan had noticed a sad, lonely owl alone on a rock. The tree said he’d help him have a place to stay and a friend to talk to. Not long after, TreeMan became best friends with the owl, named Vigowl. The pair decided that they needed to do something together in life, perhaps obtain an education.

Meet the Cast!

Here are the colourful cast of characters that feature in Peblo’s Pixel Paradise.

Listen to the Music

Experience the music of Peblo’s Pixel Paradise right here.

Day to Night Cycle

Day to Sunset
Dusk to Night

In Peblo’s Pixel Paradise, different events may happen during Day to Night. For example: certain characters may appear only at night, meaning some side quests require you to be at certain places at specific times.


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