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Blog Entry #8 – Level Types

Hello readers!  Today, we will be going through the different types of levels you can discover in Animal Rampant. Please enjoy this video we have prepared for you. Was that informative? We hope so. We have thought a lot about what level types players would enjoy and thought about what types of gameplay aspects would…

Blog Entry #7 – Environments

Hello readers and welcome back to the monthly blogs here at North Dragon Games. Today we will be looking into how the levels and environments are developed in Animal Rampant. As of right now, there will be over 200 levels in Animal Rampant. That is a lot of levels, right? Because of that, we have…

Blog Entry #6 – Pixel Art

Hello fellow readers and welcome back to the North Dragon Games blog. We will be discussing the Pixel Art/Art style of Animal Rampant today. We set our hearts on PSone-style visuals with a mixture of pixel art. Please take a look at this video we have prepared to understand more. Did you learn anything? We…

Update Videos

Interested in a quick update of our games? You’ve come to the right place. Our Update Videos feature exclusive development footage in a short compilation. Check them out below!

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