Animal Rampant

Three Animals, One Goal

Time to Make Hiss-tory!

These Animals show no mercy. Play as Pip, Fliffy and Butch as you wreak havoc upon the homes of the Humans!

Raise the Woof With Over 200 Levels!

That’s right! In Animal Rampant, there are over 200 levels; completely free! Fur real!

Many Pawsome Objectives!

Animal Rampant isn’t just about destroying houses, it’s about how you destroy them. Push all of the buttons to make the house explode, destroy all of the vases, flood the house and much more! There are also extras like popping balloons and picking up tennis balls.

Purrfect Skins!

Unlock many skins by completing objectives, logging in and visiting the shop!

Feline Up To Listening?

Have a listen to the Animal Rampant soundtrack here!

Behind the Scenes

Interested in looking at some design concepts and early ideas? Look no further!

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