Blog Entry #7 – Environments

Hello readers and welcome back to the monthly blogs here at North Dragon Games. Today we will be looking into how the levels and environments are developed in Animal Rampant.

As of right now, there will be over 200 levels in Animal Rampant. That is a lot of levels, right? Because of that, we have had to create an array of room types to keep things feeling fresh.

We have a video today but this isn’t like our usual blog videos. In this video, you will see the process of level creation with our lead game designer, Kurtis. Please take a look:

“Inside the room layouts, preset objects are placed in the room so I won’t have to manually add unique decor over 200 times for each level. This saves us hours and hours of development time.” – Kurtis.

On the topic of decor, the asset creators provide the objects and the programmer creates prefabs in Unity for us to insert them into the environments.

As mentioned in the video, we like to add a sense of realism to the object placements as want the environments to feel “lived in” as if the humans have left the place and the animals have come inside to destroy it. This is achieved by making objects appear to be natural and less like a robot might have placed them down. A perfectly tidy environment feels artificial and if possible, we would like to avoid that as much as possible.

That’s it! We hope you found the video informative.  We will continue to work hard on Animal Rampant and to keep you all updated. Thank you and see you next month!

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