Blog Entry #3 – Right Side of Life

Hello readers, welcome back to this month’s blog entry! Today, we will be discussing some regular development updates with you.

Let’s start with this; we have begun reworking the User Interface (UI). We have had long discussions on what the UI should look like, where it will be placed and what would work best for our players. Up to this point, we have used temporary placements but have since improved on this to work better with mobile phones and tablets. If you would like to check out a bit of this new UI placement, keep reading!

Next; our website. You may have noticed that a few elements of our website have been updated. The Animal Rampant page has had somewhat of an overhaul, now including a biography section for each playable character/animal in the game. We believe that these changes create a more user-friendly experience when visiting the website, as well as making our information clearer. You may also listen to a few tracks from the Animal Rampant soundtrack once again through Soundcloud which is also available on the website, we apologise for this being temporarily removed.

Let’s get back to that video we mentioned earlier, shall we? The video in question is titled “Animal Rampant Update Video #1”, created by our programmer Ashley Hughes. This will kick off a new series of videos under the “Update Video” name which focuses on bringing a short yet exciting experience to viewers by compiling early footage of our game(s) into a compact video. Inside this video, you can see some gameplay of Animal Rampant which shows some of the recent UI placement changes, mechanics, level types and more. To see the video for yourself, please look on our YouTube Channel, the Updates page on our website or simply view it below. 

We have previously brought up information on Peblo’s Pixel Paradise regularly in our previous blog entries but we do not have any updates this month. Rest assured that we will update you with as much information as we can once we begin working on the project again so please remain patient!

To wrap this up, let’s bring up the new feature we briefly mentioned last month. If you can recall, we discussed the shop, where you can buy new skins, hub items and accessories for free by unlocking the in-game currency by watching advertisements, completing objectives and achievements. We brought up that there will be a similar feature on the “right side” of the hub. What might that be? Find out next month! 

Only joking, let’s get into this feature now.

Exclusive preview of an interior (Early Game Footage)
(Not related to new feature)

Although the name has not yet been finalised, this is a section of the game where players can spend their “yarn” currency by visiting the cat which is behind the cat flap. When the player hands this cat their yarn, they can receive unique rewards which have been randomised. Exciting, right? That is all we can discuss on this gameplay feature for now. Please wait for future updates to learn more!

Thank you again for reading this blog entry. If you’ve liked what you have read and would like to know more, why not subscribe to receive email notifications? See you next month!

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