Blog Entry #1 – Welcome!

Blog Entry #1 – Welcome

Hello there and welcome to all readers. First of all, we would like to thank you for reading. In these blog posts, we will cover some news on our games, exclusive screenshots, development updates and possibly some trivia here and there.

Let’s start with our upcoming mobile game; Animal Rampant. In this game, you can play as a mouse, cat or dog in over 200 levels as you wreak havoc on people’s houses. You will have 60 seconds maximum to do so with tons of different objectives. We hope this will keep the game engaging for a long time. The game will be entirely free to play with no micro-transactions. All unlockables can be received by just playing the game, completing challenges, watching ads and login bonuses. We decided this would be best as this game is targeted towards all ages and kids may play extensively so no need to worry if you are a parent! There will be a purchasable option for the game which will have no advertisements and most of the cosmetics already unlocked from the start (prices not yet decided).

Want to discover more? Check out the Animal Rampant page here.

Animal Rampant Early Build Gameplay

Now let’s bring up a future project; Peblo’s Pixel Paradise. This title is a role-playing game (RPG) that focuses on the themes of “distortion”. The main antagonist named ‘Peblo’ spreads his distortion with his pen and tablet across all of Traeth Island to shape the world into his own image. You play as three unlikely heroes: Abbey Rhodes, Edna Truffles and TreeMan/Vigowl. The visuals will be entirely in a pixelated art-style, reminiscent of old video games. We will detail you more about Peblo’s Pixel Paradise in future blogs and videos so please continue to check in the future.

If you would like to see what is available on this project so far, please check out the North Dragon Games YouTube Channel for development updates and Soundcloud to hear some of the music.

You can also check out the Peblo’s Pixel Paradise page here.

Peblo’s Pixel Paradise Early Build Screenshot – The Bryn Mountains

Before we finish up, we would like to bring up recent events. We made a post on Reddit which featured a video of us detailing our company and since then, we have had so much positive feedback. We couldn’t be more happy with the outcome and would like to thank everyone that has supported us thus far. 

Next month, we will go in-depth on development and provide exclusive information to our blog readers. Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss out! Thank you for reading, see you next month!

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